4Dates : from the 3rd to 12th of September 2012

Participants : Bérengère and Maurice

Guides : Tsooj, Nathalie and Naraa. Jagaa for the horse trip.

Sites visited :

- Orkhon Valley, UNESCO classified

- Karakorum, its museum and the Erdene Zuu monastery (1585)

- Tovhon Monastery (1653, created for Zanabazar)

- Ulaan Tsutgalaan Waterfalls

- Tsenher hotsprings

Google Map (done with GPS Garmin) - click here to zoom out

Detailed activities :

- 400 km by car from UB to Karakorum, stopped by the sand dunes of Hogno Han natural parc.

- Visit of Karakorum museum and Erdene Zuu monastery

- Orhon Valley, the Tovhon monastery, the Orhon waterfalls (Ulaan Tsutgalaan) on horse. 6 days.

- From Orhon to Tsenher hotsprings by car. Hot bath in Tsenher.

- Back to UB by car.

Particularities :

The trip was part of Bérengère and Maurice's honeymoon. They will probably never forget the night in Jagaa's ger :=)